About Us

Why Chooes Bicydoor


Bicydoor is an online hardware supply store in China. Since our inception, we have served more than one million consumers worldwide.

A solid team of dedicated professional managers and staff has been developing and operating this online store platform.

How Do We Do It

  • Latest products brought to you directly from our factories in Asia
  • No traditional distribution costs incurred
  • No unnecessary advertising expenses
  • No expensive retail store costs
  • Latest & Greatest Cool Products

    Crazy products are being made all the time, things you can't imagine. We offer a wide range of hardware products - Sockets & Wrenches , Claw Hammers & Mallets , Angle Brackets , Door Locks & Latches , Metal Sheets , Rope & Chain etc.

    Best Prices, Low Shipping Fee + Money Back Guarantee

    Best Value anywhere! Being factory-direct, our prices are the lowest.

    Shipping fee is the lowest in the market. We subsidize the shipping expenses so that you can enjoy the full benefit of the low price shopping experience with us. For expedited delivery and extra assurance, we also offer other shipping methods (UPS Express, Speedpost) at very reasonable additional charges and insurance cost.

    Secure Online Shopping

    Online security is our primary objective for protecting our customers' payment and their privacy.